Violet Cold - Everything You Can Imagine Is Real​.​.​. (2015)

One man band из Баку Violet Cold представил новый сингл на канале атмосферной блэк музыки из Германии. Всего за месяц трек набрал больше 12 тыс просмотров, много лайков и положительных комментов. Предлагаем вам прослушать трэк и прочитать отзывы.

Так же этот трек крутили на португальском метал радио, вот ссылка на запись эфира:

Также предлагаем вашему вниманию отзыв одного из зарубежных музыкальных сайтов:

AZERBAIJANI RECKLESS BLACK STONER It’s a while that I want to write something about Azerbaijan, but if I had to wait a little because 1) there are really too many cool acts and choosing something has been more difficult that I thought; 2) I didn’t recall how to spell exactly Azerbaijan and was too lazy to google it. Actually, before dropping few “ordinary” bands, I wanted to display something peculiar and I think that with Violet Cold I nailed my purpose. What I find interesting about this one-man band from Baku is his “stylistic incoherence”, since in his discography (composed solely of singles and ep) it is hard to find two songs that fully share a classification. From ambient to folk, from glitch to black metal, from neo-classical to post-rock and a lot more in a wicked mood can be found in Violet Cold’s catalogue, and it’s not just playing with words.

Actually Emin Guliyev, the man behind the moniker, seems able to juggle with definitions, to create his songs through the combination of genres creating each time a unique, brand new style. In a such variegated span of choices, If I’ve chosen such a noisy song is to pay hommage to Emin previous black metal band Void (same name as the song, as you can notice) and because I think that Violet Cold’s validity is better exposed in this musical spectrum. Not matching your taste? Go check his songs and surely you’ll find something different. ...

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